The Rhino Trio Live at Balliceaux 2-17-16

Charles Owens – tenor saxophone
Kris Monson – acoustic bass
Corey Fonville – drums
recorded live at Balliceaux in Richmond, VA 2-17-16
Marcus Tenney – trumpet on Chasin’ The Trane and Impressions
recorded by Zach Fichter


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Charles Owens Quartet live at Balliceaux 1-20-16

Here’s my quartet live at Balliceaux last night with Kelli Strawbridge on drums, DJHarrison RVA (Devonne Harris) on Wurlitzer electric piano, and Andrew Randazzo on bass.

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Charles Owens Quartet Demo

Charles Owens Quartet demo recorded at Jellowstone Studios in Richmond, VA 2015
Charles Owens – Tenor Saxophone
Devonne Harris – Fender Rhodes
Andrew Randazzo – Electric Bass
Kelli Strawbridge – Drums

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“A Day With Us” is available everywhere!






Check out this stellar review of the record!




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The Charles Owens Trio “A Day With US” is now available for preorder!

This record is called “A Day With Us” because It was recorded in one day with just Devonne, Andy, and Me alone in Jellowstone studio. Devonne would press record and walk from the control room to the studio to sit behind the drums and play. It was a beautiful day and the three of us opened up and played from our hearts. This music comes from years of performing together and forming our sound over time. I feel it to be an accurate representation of what it would be like to come hear us play in person. I would like to thank Devonne for building Jellowstone Studio, engineering the record, mixing the record, and of course for his amazing drumming and musicianship. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you to Andrew for your masterful bass playing. Andrew and Devonne you are the best friends and best band anyone could ask for. I Love you guys! Thanks to Richard Christopher Patterson for the artwork for the cover. “Playing With Scraps In A Sea Of Blue” is so beautiful. It looks like music to me. Thank you to Reggie Pace and Devonne for welcoming me into the Jellowstone family. Thanks to all the great musicians and great music scene in Richmond. Thank you Cary Ralston for your impeccable design work.Thanks to Adrian Olsen at Montrose Richmond for the great job on mastering the record. Thank you to BJ Brown and the Richmond Jazz Society for the continued support and confidence. Thank You to my wife Vijay for always being by my side and believing in me more than I believe in myself. Finally thank you the listener for digging what we have to say.

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Great photo by Kai Eason


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On the subway before the gig with Andrew, Devonne, and Anna

Just a little clowning around….  

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